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I turn 25 this June 2017. TWENTY-FIVE. The millennial within me gasps so loud, pigeons are fleeing nearby trees — because let’s face it I’m getting old. So this surefire travel dream of mine needs to get the show on the road.

My ultimate dream has always been to travel as far and as much as possible, with friends, families, or simply solo. As I continue to realize day after day, living a cubicle life may offer the comforts of simplicity — but it is also, very, very boring. I want to feel fulfilled, so I can feel alive, and travel does this for me. I’ll never stop being curious about the world, cultures, and vast beauty; so for now, I’m going on a long adventure where I can soak it up bit by bit. I have 5 years to get to 30 countries by the time I’m 30. So far, I’ve been to 10 countries. Instead of wishing I could go, I’m taking my ultimate dream and putting it into ACTION. Believe me, half the time I purchase tickets, I personally feel the flow of cash dissipating from my bank account followed by a wave of “buyers remorse” — “I should just ask for a refund, right? No one just travels just because! I’m crazy.” This followed by a desperate phone call to my sister across the country to help justify what I’ve just done. Sometimes she just laughs or gives a little sigh, because she knows as well as I do, that it may sound crazy to some people but it always makes the most sense for me.

Maybe I am crazy, maybe I’m activating the self-prophecy of my Gemini roots and embracing my other half, or maybe…. this is just the life for me. Either way, I’d love for you to come along, and just a fair warning, things will get crazy.