One of my dearest friends I met during my study abroad experience in college is serving 2 years in the Peace Corps in Peru. Being the traveler that I am, I wasn’t about to turn down an amazing opportunity to see one of my nearest and dearest, as well as visit a new country!!!

Alas, I have set sail (via plane), from NYC to Ecuador (for 2 hours), followed by my reunion with Kurstin in Lima!!! The flight from JFK consisted of a nap here and there, some reading in between, and then some light (verrrry light) conversation in Spanish with my seatmate. My heart instantly goes into stroke mode when I’m tasked with using my rusty Spanish and smiling just won’t cut it. Everyone, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone, in NY thinks I’m Spanish. So, this should be natural, right? 7 years of grammar classes, 3 months studying abroad, and countless trips to Spanish speaking countries should make me fluent by now, right?!?! (Any sane person would guess.) The answer is a resounding NO.  I can “kind of” understand and can “kind of” hold a conversation, but your girl needs some work.

However, the best way to learn quickly is to jump right in and do it. So, I shall be strutting my stuff in Lima, throwing out phrases and ordering coffee (a terrifying revelation in another language) — trying to avoid the feeling of rolling up into a ball or throwing myself out a window due to pointless anxiety.

I am however FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT for these next 2 weeks – a time to forget about a desk job, impending bills, and “responsibilities”. So Bon voyage, let’s set sail and see all the craziness that will endure!