Lima (4)

Lima is a cool place. We stayed in the neighborhood called Miraflores, or what I like to call “bougtopia” (boosh-toe-pia) a.k.a Lima does not realize what the rest of Peru is actually like. I marveled at the green parks, the beautiful ocean side view, the three-story grocery stores, smooth highways, and the mall — built into the side of a cliff (that gets its’ own story). The hostel was in the center of it all!

There was a cool rooftop area where fellow travelers would gather for breakfast, games, and of course, the bar. Peru’s alcohol drink of choice is called a “Pisco Sour”, which I found out, has egg whites all up in it. The drink is a little tart, kind of like lemonade left out for a bit, and then a zesty nip at the end. It’s pretty tasty. 

It was a time for reunion, as Kurstin introduced me to a couple of her Peace Corps friends, and we set off for food. Lima definitely has some hipster qualities, especially at the bagel place we went to. If you’re thinking, “wait, did she just say bagel place?” Indeed, I did. And for those of you who do not understand, this is not a Peruvian norm. However, the spinach, caramelized onion, mushroom bagel I got, was the To the side, was the most delicious mango smoothie I have ever had. Soooooo fresh, Will Smith would be jealous. Soon after, we ventured to that three-story grocery store I mentioned, to get some supplies for Christmas dinner. 

This place was nuts. Technically, it was Christmas Eve, but that’s the day that Peruvians celebrate Christmas! So, to put it mildly, this place was like Black Friday at Target. To put it mildly. We ended up grabbing ingredients for spaghetti and mimosas. Boom, done. The rest of the day was spent wandering around Miraflores and going to the next neighborhood, Borranco. However, due to Christmas Eve, everything was closed!!! No problem, no problem, we found a chicken joint that was open for business. This chicken, pollo a la brasa (aka rotisserie chicken) was DA BUSINESS. It was super delicious, with a side of fries and the 5 assortments of sauces, had me a happy lady. 

It was just super cool to walk around with people who knew the city, fun places to visit, and sharing memories. Later that evening, we turned in early — we had been awake for 19 hours and counting– only to be woken up by the flurry of Christmas Eve fireworks. They sounded like they were going off inside my room. Luckily for me, I’ve perfected the “ignore everything around me and just fall asleep” maneuver, and dozed back to sleep. To be continued…..


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