Lima Day 3 (6)

Our last day in Lima was spent with new friends wandering the streets of the city and popping in and out of cervecerías, or breweries! The first brewery we went to was Barbarian. I ordered a pale ale that was brewed on site. It was delicious, but not as delicious as the appetizer. Los tequeños are some bomb mini fried things with cheese or chicken inside of them served with a side of Guac. Ummmmm, mozzarella sticks no longer have any meaning for me. 

As we munched and crunched on these delicious tequeños, women’s WWE was playing on the flat screen behind me. I’ve never been one for wrestling and after watching a short 15 min of this charade; I’m still not a fan. It’s pretty funny, because all Peruvians think that it’s 100% real. Even looking around the room, each viewer was straight faced with a little hint of anxiety over who would win the round. 

No matter, I continued to sip my beer, and even ordered a second round. Once we all gave a hearty “Salud!”, we took our last sips, and ventured off to Kennedy Park, named after JFK. Now, there’s one fact you need to know about Kennedy Park.  Kennedy Park is filled with cats. When I say cats, I mean over 200. Nowwwwww, I’m not a cat person at all, and was thoroughly warned before proceeding. I thought back to when I was forced to go to a park full of pigeons in Puerto Rico, and how that turned out (spoiler: not good). But, I donned on my adventure hat and went forth. As we entered the park, I didn’t even realize we were in the correct location because…. there were no cats. Yup, God hath blessed me and the ground I walked upon. Kurstin was open mouthed and in shock at an empty park. As we rounded the corner, we did spot one lone orange feline, but other than that, nada. I was ecstatic! We found a small kiosk in the middle of the park that explained there was a project put together by volunteers for the cats to be adopted. All of these cats in Kennedy Park were essentially just abandoned by their owners. And now, they are no more. 

Free of fear, we continued to follow the path to a set of circular stone steps that led inward, and sat in the sun. An hour or so passed as we people watched and giggled at different things we saw. Eventually, we played a couple rounds of “Heads Up” the phone app, and then went back to people watching. A man and his son came to the steps and began to play hit songs from the US on their guitar.  I heard “This I Promise You” by the Backstreet Boys and others, it was beautiful. 

The day dwindled towards late evening, and we grabbed some sandwiches from La Lucha, a delicious spot on the corner. Then we made our way to the second cervecería, Nuevo Mundo. Rounds of beers were bought, Salud was our word of choice, and all beers were emptied within the hour. Buzzed with the warm and fuzzies, we wandered back to our hostel. Back at the hostel, we did a final round of Uno. And for those of you wondering, yes I lost, again. (Infinite sigh, it’s not like this is something I can practice!)

Kurstin and I then grabbed a taxi to the bus terminal to go north to the beach! Huanchaco, here we come!


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