Huanchaco (7)

9hrs and 1 Swedish movie with Spanish dubbing later, we arrived to Trujillo! We had to catch a combí to get to our hostel, and I was in for a rude awakening. First, we had to Froger across the highway to get to the other side. Then, we had to wave down a bus that was headed in the same direction as us. The bus had its front doors open, with a person hanging out of it, looking for possible passengers to pick up, and yelling the destination of the combí. I was so startled. There are no “bus stops”; the combí literally just picks you up wherever (like a taxi). Then we rode for about 45 minutes, when the man who was originally hanging out the door, comes down the isle to collect the fare. Bus fare was 1.5 soles which is like 40 cents… It was crazy cheap. We got to the hostel, and headed straight to the beach!

Being the island gal that I am, lying in the sand, skin exposed to the sun, and listening to the sound of the waves, was the purest form of my happy place. I ignored the burning sensation starting along my shoulders, and brushed aside my mothers voice saying something about “should have put on sunscreen”, and continued to lye there. I used my hand to block the glaring sun and looked along the ocean as fish were jumping out of the waves. Peru was pure bliss. 

Kurstin then took me to a place on the walkway to try out some of Trujillo’s freshest ceviche, a seafood delicacy. It’s raw fish, covered in lime juice, onions, and a side of yucca/camote (different types of potatoes). If you ignored the fact that you were eating straight up raw chunks of fish, it was pretty good. I was a little parched, and went to ask for a Coke. I approached the lady behind the counter and said “Puedo tener un Coke?” she just looked at me. Unfazed, I repeated the question. She responded by saying she didn’t understand. As more time passed between us, I started to become a little awkward, raking my brain to see if I said the wrong thing. I realized we weren’t getting anywhere, so I sheepishly went back to Kurstin to see what my mistake must have been.

Coke means Coca-Cola, right? I mentioned the phrase I shared with the lady, and then Kurstin said, “Oh, I think she thought you were asking her for cocaine, they don’t know that Coke means Coca-Cola”. What?! I was pretty adamant about the coke I wanted…. And now she thought I was asking for drugs! Ah, well. I ended up getting a Coca-Cola and avoided looking at the lady as we left. It happens to the best of us! At least, that’s what I told myself all the way back to the hostel to try and avoid rolling into the ocean and getting eaten by a shark right then. 

Drained from the day, we fell into our beds and chilled at the hostel for the remainder of the afternoon. For dinner, we stopped by Surfer Burger, “The best burger in Peru”. It was delicious! The texture of the patty kind of reminded me of a veggie burger, but it was still bomb. The place was decorated with writings on the walls from past travelers and games were available to play. After we filled our bellies, we slowly walked back to our rooms. For a nightcap, we watched A Christmas Story…I don’t know how many of y’all have seen this, but this was my first time seeing this movie. The verdict is…worst movie ever. It was so hard to finish the movie. I know it’s a “classic”, but, I’m going to have to pass from here on out. If anyone asks, Fast and Furious is my Christmas classic.


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