Huanchaco Day 3 (9)

Well, the time had come to say goodbye to the beach. We slept in, and got ready to go into town, so I could get a tattoo!! I had always wanted a travel tattoo, but I wanted to stray away from a globe, a compass, a map, an airplane, footprints in the sand, or coordinates. Needless to say, my options were pretty limited as to how I could express my endless love and desire to wander. However, in a late night epiphany this past November, it came to me. And, I knew I was going to get it done in Perú! So we packed up, grabbed some breakfast at the local bakery (eggs and toast for me), and jumped on a combí. 

We went to the mayoría, which is a large Peruvian market place for locals. There were lines and lines of people set up with their goodies for sale, and we had to walk in the middle of the intersection, just to get through the crowds — pretty intense. We kept passing seas of yellow; yellow underwear, yellow shirts, yellow hats, yellow sunglasses. Kurstin mentioned that in Perú, yellow is the lucky color for the New Year, and everyone wears yellow underwear to have a great year! After looking around, now all this yellow stuff mad sense. We rounded the corner past a mango stand, which I starred at longingly, and walked into a “mall”. Now, when I say mall, I do not in anyway mean like the mall we went to in Lima. Remember, the mall BUILT INTO THE SIDE OF A CLIFF? Yes, this mall was the exact opposite. In fact, this mall looked like if Armageddon had arrived, and we were now opponents in the Walking Dead. So, very empty, somewhat desolate, yet still functioning. When we arrived to the tattoo parlor in-between the first and second floor, I was relieved. The tattoo artist seemed great! He was in high spirits, just finished a 5 hr. Jesus on a 17-year-old boy, and was ready to go.

I was nervous. Especially, when I wanted to see some font options, and he lead me to his Windows computer, from 2000, with about 60 fonts available (half of them Wing Dings), and no Wi-Fi. This was definitely one of those go-with-the-flow moments. So, I ended up using my own handwriting for my tattoo, and sat in the chair as he permanently lazered these letters into my forearm; all the while grasping Kurstin’s hands and saying “What was I thinking? There’s no way I can have 5 kids!!” in response to the pain I was then going through. At the end of the torture, I looked down at the finish product, and knew it was all worth it. 

Kurstin then decided to get her nose pierced and I was glad to vacate the torture chamber and give someone else a turn. Once we were both marked forever, we left the mall and bummed around for 5 hours until our bus left Trujillo. What no one tells you about traveling is that there can be a lot of downtime you have to fill. Feel free to post up in a Wi-Fi accessible restaurant or a nearby park. 

I was beyond happy to sit on the bus and close my eyes. It’s amazing how fast a 10-hour bus ride can go when you’re sleeping. 


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