Huanchaco Day 2 (8)

Much like the first day, we spent the afternoon at the beach. This time however, we were under an umbrella, due to the extreme burns I had all over the top half of my body.  With no aloe vera anywhere, this was an extremely painful experience!! Yet, the sound of the waves lulled me to sleep. Afterwards, we met up with one of Kurstin’s friends from Peace Corps for lunch at a menú spot. Basically, a menú is a place where you get rice, salad, and meat for cheap. At this specific spot, they had some chicken burgers (As in pieces of chicken on bread) with palta (avocado) and a side of papas (fries). Then, the lady brought out this giant box of sauces. These sauces were a range of different flavors: pesto, mayonnaise, fake ketchup, green pickle sauce, ahí, and a mystery flavor. Really, if you mix them all together, it does something special. The meal was a total of 7.5 soles, or about $2-3. Mind. Blown.

We cruised through the backstreets and returned to the hostel, where we spent a good 3 hrs just chatting. That’s one of my favorite things about traveling. When you meet new people, just sitting and talking is considered an activity. With the sun shinning, Powerades strewn all over the table, hammocks lining the walls, it felt like summer. Later that evening we went to watch the sunset. The sunset here was like a backdrop of Aladdin. The Sun was just a giant bright orb hanging in the center of the sky. The sky was a mixture of purples, blues, and endless pinks; it was amazing. I couldn’t stop saying “whoa”. We took turns throwing all kinds of rocks into the waves and just admiring earths’ natural beauty. Once the show was over, we bought some more water and went to our respected beds. I don’t think I stayed up past 10 o’clock the entire time I was abroad! 


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